Going Solar — kiss big power bills goodby– AAsolar

This is for any of my readers who are interested in battery storage of solar in domestic use. You may also have seen or read the claims made by the Climate Council in an ABC report yesterday where there pricie research shows it to be a competitive alternative in Australia by 2018. Well here is a friend of mine I met on the road who on returning to NZ has taken the leap by configuring a set up in his own home. Now if a bright kiwi can take the plunge with the amount of sun hours there, imagine what more efficiency can be achieved here in our more intense sun belt regions.


Been an interesting week or three setting up our new solar system. Consists on 30 — 270 w panels ( 8.1 KWh array ) .


Panels round the back of our place

Inside I decided to use part of my virtual cycling room as a battery store house. Has this pretty impressive and very heavy set of long life agm batteries . All up 1.2 ton. Was a major effort to locate — took four big guys and lots of huffing and puffing.


All the kit has been supplied by an Auckland business called “AAsolar”. They are a great bunch of helpful guys– good to deal with.
Have used a sophisticated Swiss brand of programmable inverter charger . We are presently testing this system. My design spec is that we will be able to store up to 20 KWh ( useable ) that we can draw down on overnight. This…

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